Heath Fires

heath fires

Steps you can take to avoid starting a wildfire: Avoid open fires in the countryside. If you must have a fire, make sure that you’re in a designated safe area. Put out cigarettes and other smoking materials properly before you leave your vehicle. Do not throw cigarette ends out of […]


grafiti in boscombe

Who should I contact to tell them about the issue? What information will they need to deal effectively with the issue? Once I have told them what happens next? What can I do and other members of my community to help? What happens if the problem continues?

Dog Fouling

Dog Waste If you find dog waste in a public place, report it to Bourmouth Borough Council via this link https://www.bournemouth.gov.uk/Report/Report.aspx If you are a dog owner, you are required by law to clean up after your dog in public places. That includes roads, pavements, parks, car parks and all shared open […]


tackling bullying

Worried about or experiencing bullying? Who should I contact to tell them about the issue? School bullying is something that often goes unreported and we all too often see the negative impact bullying has on those involved. As parents, guardians, friends and family members we can all help in tackling […]