Addressing speeding vehicles in the community

Who should I contact to tell them about the issue?

Dorset Road Safe is a partnership organisation committed to reducing the number of road traffic casualties on our roads. Our work focuses on a combination of approaches including; education, enforcement and engineering.

One of the key areas of of our work is to reduce speeding in Dorset which we know is often a contributory factor in road traffic accidents, being responsible for the camera vans and for running Community Speedwatch.

Requests for traffic enforcement, or to find out more about becoming a Speedwatch member visit

What information will they need to deal effectively with the issue?

Dorset Road Safe want the public to get involved.  You can do this by providing details of locations, where they consider there is a problem with speeding including the time of day when you believe the problem is worse.  If it is a particular vehicle that is a problem ideally we would need the registration, make and model and an idea of the route it travels, if this is a regular occurrence.

This information can be provided via the by following this link to the Dorset road safe web site >>>

Once I have told them what happens next?

The information you provide will be reviewed and placed on a rota for investigation/deployment dependent on the nature of the report and resource available.

 What can I and other members of my community do to help?

In Dorset we have over 70 Community Speedwatch teams made up of local residents, who by working in partnership with the Neighbourhood Policing Teams run their own monitoring sessions. From the information provided by the teams w an advisory letter is generated and sent to motorists seen exceeding the limit.  The purpose of Speedwatch is to educate motorists to slow down when travelling through our villages and residential areas in the conurbation.

What happens if the problem continues?

Visit the Dorset Road Safe website for information on what further steps can be taken to resolve the problem.  For example this could be something more relevant to the Borough Council Highways engineers.  Other measures could include a reduction to the speed limit, changes to the road layout to restrict the ability of motorists to speed, or the installation of Speed Indicator Device (SID).  The Borough Council, as part of the Dorset Road Safe Partnership also supports Community Speed Watch and this may be something that they will suggest to you as a way of providing evidence of the problem.

Follow this link to the Community Speed Watch site >>