East Howe History Group – bringing the community together

Uniting a community through researching family histories. East Howe is an almost forgotten area and so many local families have ancestors in the graveyard.

Rodney Haskell (the Kinson Historian) has carried out the most amazing in depth research into all the people buried in the East Howe Churchyard. He has looked at every aspect of their lives from probate and all the interesting ways they earned a living and the most interesting snippets of information which made you realize what a thriving area Kinson and East Howe was in the early 1800s.

The old Kinson/East Howe names are still common in the area i.e the Cherritts, Riglers, Keepings, Whites, Sherwoods, Tharmes, Buddens etc. The booklet listing all this information by Rod Haskell, the Kinson Historian

Producing a book

Ray Cozins (Kingsleigh School historical archive) with Hazel Thorby (Kinson School & Village Memories)
Ray Cozins (Kingsleigh School historical archive) with Hazel Thorby (Kinson School & village Memories)

Ray Cozins has an amazing collection of old photographs of Kingleigh (now Bourne Academy) and often has exhibitions going back from the inception of the original school. Ray is writing a book about the history of the United Reform Church and graveyard, starting with the original chapel and small churchyard built in the early 1800s. His family farmed the area in the 1800s up until the time when Lord Wimborne decided to sell off large tracts of land for development, thus ending a rural idyll in East Howe and surrounding areas

Thank you also to the many local residents including Mrs. Tharme who have added their memories to the book.

Get a copy of Rays book

Ray Cozin’s book is now published and has been extremely popular. The lists of all burials in the churchyard are also included in the publication.

If you like to get hold of a copy of the book you can do so via Ray.  He can be contacted via his email – ray.cozins@btinternet.com

The books cost £5.00 each excluding postage and packing