Dorset Police is welcoming new legislation that makes it harder for people to buy dangerous weapons and become involved in knife crime.

Changes to legislation brought about by the Offensive Weapons Act 2019 mean that from Wednesday 6 April 2022 it will be harder for young people to buy weapons, both at the point of sale and delivery.

Retailers and couriers will now be legally obliged to do more to ensure that knives, corrosives and other offensive weapons are not sold or delivered to those under the age of 18. The new restrictions will also make it an offence to possess a corrosive substance in a public place.

The move comes after the first part of the act came into force in July 2021 banning the possession of certain dangerous items in private, including zombie knives, shuriken or death stars and knuckledusters. 

Dorset Police and partner agencies will be working together to educate the public and the business community regarding these changes in legislation. 

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If you believe someone is in immediate possession of a knife or offensive weapon please dial 999. If you would like to report your concerns about a knife carrier or need some advice, please email or visit and report it online.

Unwanted knives can be disposed of at local recycling centres or safely packaged in your household waste.