My first annual report since being elected as Dorset’s Police and Crime Commissioner has just been published, so this week I would like to invite you to read the report and find out more about the work that has been going on in line with the Police and Crime Plan.

The Report

Below is the summary, double click to zoom in on a page or click on the 3 dots next to the search box to see view full screen option.

In the Annual Report you can find out more about:

  • How I have worked with Dorset Police to ensure that 44 out of 50 in the first tranche of new police officers in Dorset have been posted directly into neighbourhood and community policing. More investment is being put into more police officers on the beat, upgrading and improving technology and having more vital call handling staff to cope with the increases in demand.
  • How my office is working with Dorset Police to send a clear message that ASB will simply not be tolerated in Dorset through Operation Relentless. As well as how my Operation Relentless Community Fund has funded 10 ASB reduction initiatives, empowering communities to help to tackle ASB across the county.
  • How I have been supporting Dorset’s own dedicated and proactive Operation Viper, which targets drug crime, takes drugs off our streets, shares intelligence, and protects the vulnerable. Launched in April 2022 Op Viper has already been incredibly successful in cracking down on illegal drugs and drug-related crime in Dorset by bringing together a county lines task force and the Neighbourhood Enforcement Teams.
  • How I have initiated a Rural Crime Reduction Board bringing together stakeholders in our rural community to help reduce rural, wildlife and heritage crime. I should also mention the significant investment in the Rural Crime Team. There has been a 400% increase in dedicated resources in the last year. The increase in capacity will extend the police’s reach and capability to fight rural, wildlife and heritage crime.

These are just some of the highlights of what has been happening, the full report also covers how my office is ensuring that every penny counts as well as putting victims and communities first. I hope that you will find the full report an informative and insightful summary of the work undertaken by myself and my team during the financial year 2021/22.

You can influence the work we do in future years by filling out my Summer Safety Survey and letting me know what you think about policing in Dorset.

David Sidwick
Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset

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