The annual Christmas drink and drug drive campaign saw Dorset Police target those who drive while under the influence.

During the campaign, the Force encouraged those out enjoying a drink during the festive period to plan how to get home without driving. The ‘Lift Legend’ campaign saw Dorset Police partner with over 30 venues across Dorset to offer free drinks to those who agreed to be the designated driver for their group.

Motorists were reminded of the potential consequences of driving while under the influence and the continuing effects that alcohol and drugs can have the morning after.

In total, Dorset Police recorded 85 arrests during the December 2022 initiative – of which 57 were on suspicion of drink driving, 22 on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs, and six on suspicion of failing to provide a sample for analysis. Some drivers were arrested on suspicion of multiple offences.

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If you suspect someone of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, please dial 999 immediately with the vehicle information and direction of travel.
For non-urgent matters, or to pass information about someone who regularly drives under the influence of drugs or alcohol, please go to or call 101.