Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), David Sidwick, has joined forces with the DocBike charity to launch a motorcycle anti-theft initiative.

The initiative aims to reduce motorcycle, moped and scooter thefts by providing the opportunity for Dorset motorcycle owners to purchase an alarmed disc lock at a significantly reduced price with the PCC covering the subsidy.

The locks which normally retail at £99 are being offered to Dorset motorcycle owners at the reduced cost of £25, including postage and packaging and are available on the DocBike website at The funding for the bike locks is limited and requests for the locks will be monitored by the charity, so only Dorset residents will be able to benefit.

PCC David Sidwick said: “This initiative comes as a direct result of Dorset residents telling me their concerns and I hope that it makes it clear that I am both listening and ensuring that pro-active action is taken to address those concerns.

I have heard of the devastating impact that such thefts have on bike owners. For many people owning a bike is a cheap way to get to work, for some youngsters, it’s their first mode of transport and for some, it’s a means to earn a living by delivering food and goods.

Before putting together this initiative, I did some homework and went to visit a bike retailer with Sir Robert Syms MP, who was concerned about the issue to find out more about the problem. I then raised the matter with Dorset Police regarding enforcement and looked at what more could be done.
Education and prevention are key components when it comes to tackling any crime. Through this initiative, I hope to raise awareness of the issue of motorbike theft and help owners take practical and proactive steps to protect their bikes.”

The initiative comes after a noted increase in the number of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds were stolen in Dorset, with 242 thefts being reported between January 2023 and July 2023 compared to only 255 in the whole of 2022.

Dr Ian Mew, co-founder and Trustee of the DocBike charity said, “This is a really valuable initiative to motorcyclists in Dorset. Putting high-quality locks into the hands of motorcyclists and scooter riders not only helps to prevent thefts but also helps to reduce the chaos and loss of life that is associated with stolen motorcycles. His pioneering initiative to provide DocBike with a grant to supply these locks through our online shop I am sure will be followed by other Police & Crime Commissioners around the UK – it just makes absolute sense!”

Each lock will be dispatched along with DocBike safety information such as:

  • A booklet on ‘Why Motorcyclists Crash’ and how to stop it happening to you
  • BikeSafe rider handout with information on how how to be a more skilful rider.
  • A Crash Card which can be placed inside the helmet and in the event of a crash it gives useful information to first responder teams
  • Information about available motorcycle courses.
    Find out more about the initiative on the DocBike website: