Dorset Police is delighted to announce the creation of a new fraud protect officer role to help raise awareness and protect victims across the county.

The role will involve working with partners to engage with individuals and businesses to raise awareness, share information and promote national, regional and local crime prevention messaging, whilst also ensuring that all victims of fraud receive an appropriate safeguarding response to help reduce repeat victimisation.

Fraud poses a significant threat to the people, prosperity, and security of the UK. It is by far the most common crime and now accounts for over 40 per cent of all offences in England and Wales.

In the last 12 months, Dorset victims lost £25.8M to fraud. However, the level and complexity of this crime type means that law enforcement are unable to investigate every crime and bring every offender to justice, especially when many offenders are outside the jurisdiction. This means that it is more important than ever for the Force to protect, support and empower our residents so that they don’t become victims of fraud.

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