Dorset Police has received an increase in reports of people being contacted by scammers posing as their bank or the police. These criminals claim the victim’s bank account has been compromised and they need to urgently transfer their money to a “safe account.”

If you receive a call like this, do not provide any of your bank details. The police and legitimate banks will never ask you to transfer money or share your account information over the phone. The fraudsters create a sense of urgency and fear of losing your money. Remember, Stop-Think-Fraud and follow these steps:

Hang up the call immediately.

Wait at least 1 full minute before taking any further action.

Dial 159 to reach your bank’s fraud department directly.

Report the incident to Action Fraud at or by calling 0300 123 2040.

Staying vigilant and following these steps can help protect you from becoming a victim of this distressing scam. Do not let the criminals manipulate you – keep your money safe by refusing to engage and contacting your bank securely.