Dear Local Knitting and Craft Groups,

We are launching an exciting new community initiative called “Tell The Fraudsters to Get Knitted!!” to raise awareness about common fraud schemes that target vulnerable populations like the elderly and those with dementia.

For this campaign, we are asking knitters, crocheters, and other crafters to create knitted, crocheted or other craft friendly police officer figures with this important message: “The police and banks will never ask for your bank details and never to transfer or withdraw your money.”

You can then donate these crafted police officers to elderly residential homes, dementia care facilities, and other places where they can serve as a warm reminder by their phones to be cautious about providing personal financial information. Not only will this allow you to use your creative talents for a great cause, but it’s also a chance to spend time crafting something meaningful that can make a real difference in protecting those most at risk of being defrauded.

If your group would like to get involved, please let us know! The more crafted police officers we can distribute to sit by people’s phones as a reminder, the more people we can help protect from devastating financial fraud. Send you photos of your officers with your name/name of group and where you have donated it to. It can be to someone you know or a home to

Thank you for considering being a part of this important community campaign. 

There are several different ones on the website which is free to join. If people search for Police Toys they will find various different patterns that vary in price.

Acceess the pattern website here