There’s a new scam targeting people using dating apps and websites. The conmen start by chatting with you through the dating service, pretending to be interested in a relationship. After some conversation, they suggest using a ‘free verification service’ to confirm you’re not talking to a criminal or sex offender.

They send you a link to a website that looks official, with news branding to make it seem real. On this fake site, you’re asked to enter personal details like your phone number, email and credit card information for the ‘verification process’.

However, it’s all a trick! Once you provide that sensitive information:

·  Your details may be sold to other scammers

·  You could be signed up to fake sites without your consent, and money taken from your account

Advice if you are a victim:

·  Contact your bank immediately to cancel any payments and get a new credit/debit card issued

·  Report the scam to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud reporting service

·  Be very cautious about giving out personal or financial information online to unverified sources

·  Visit Get Safe Online for more useful hints and tips.