This is a website set up by the North Bournemouth Crime Prevention Panel.

The Panel are a group of residents, working with local councils, police and other agencies to make the community even safer. The panel have been successfully running a online virtual neighbourhood watch and as a result of feedback from the site this site was developed  see

My safer sites

This site starts with the problem and then provides information to help identify the agency that is the best suited to deal with the issue. It also outlines what information they will require to effectively deal with the issue.

A key part of this site is also the options that the community can take to help keep the community safe.

MysaferBournemouth is the one stop gateway to finding out how to tackle community issues and sign posts visitors to the right agency and the information required to get results

Dorset PCC
Thanks to the support of the PCC we can bring this to the community of Bournemouth

Who decides what information is on the site?

We cannot put solutions to all issues on the site – our aim is to focus on the top issues affecting the community. These issues are identified by the community and the solutions and responses prepared by the community in partnership with the appropriate agency.

This site is controlled by the community to support the community – the topics covered are agreed by the Crime Prevention Panel at their regular meetings. This provides some focus and ensures the site reflects the needs of the community and responds to any changes.

Why can’t I contact you from the site?

The panel are a voluntary group and we cannot provide a response service; however we do provide links to the agencies that can respond to your enquiries. Our aim is to provide you with the information to ensure the shortest time between needing to address an issue and getting support.

Is this site not duplication?

There are a number of sites out there managed by the statutory agencies and whilst providing a range of information, it can be challenging to fully understand who deals with what who should you call and what information do they need. The aim of this site is to pull of that together.  Mysafebournemouth is managed by the very people who are affected every day by issues in the community. It takes a bottom up approach to problem solving and sets out ways and opp9ortunities for people to get involved and help continue to make Bournemouth even safer.