Social Media Bullying

Dorset Police receive a number of calls per day in relation to social media, ASB and bullying issues. There are a number of actions which you can take which can prevent further problems and potentially deal with the issue.

Anyone can be bullied or trolled on social media. It can be really hard to know what to do if it happens to you or someone you know. There is a useful site that  can help you to cope and report the bullying.

For young people Childline has an excellent resource follow this link or click on the image below >>

Child line
Childline can help if it’s happening to you or someone you know.

The simple and effective HABITS model is quick and easy and informs you and others what can be done.

If you are a victim of low level social media harassment or related ASB then follow:

Housing provider / landlord contacted and informed.

They have a duty to investigate ASB and deal with issues raised by you. It is always best to create a diary of concerns and how they affect you within your home. Informing your home provider of these issues is the first step to solving the issue. They can offer advice and guidance and start to look at tackling the issue on your behalf.

ASB Council team notified of ongoing problem.

They have a duty to investigate and deal with ASB issues impacting on you. Again very similar as above, if you have concerns then start a diary of incidents and then contact your local council ASB team for advice. The local Council work with other agencies to try and solve these negative impacts.

Block or change mobile number.

Most service providers offer this free once reported. We understand that it can be disrupted but the benefits outweigh the negative and a good opportunity to cleanse your contacts.

Inform all social media accounts and report incident.

Some service providers will issue ref # and can remove posts or comments that you find upsetting or offensive.

Terminate all contact.

No further contact by any means or third party, silence is golden and can often resolve the issue.

Schools informed of situation.

Schools have a duty to deal if on school premises and refer to their guidelines detailed on their website and more useful information on our bullying page.