Fly tipping makes our communities unsightly and apart from damaging the environment can be unsafe.

Fly tipping is a criminal offence and carries a fine, you can even be sent to prison. If you allow your car or vehicle to be used for fly tipping, even if you are not driving yourself, you can still be prosecuted. The Police have the power to seize vehicles used for fly tipping.

Who can I contact?

You need to contact BCP Council to report Fly tipping, you can use this link on the button below:

What if I saw someone fly tipping? What information will they need to know?

Don’t put yourself in danger. But if possible, please make a note of:

• The day, date and time
• What you saw?
• How many people were fly tipping?
• What did they look like?
• What they were doing?
• What was tipped?
• How much was being tipped?
• Any vehicles involved?
• Make, colour and registration number

For more information and how to report Fly Tipping to your local BCP council – follow this link>>

Listen to our audio guide on dealing with fly tipping