How do I report graffiti?

To report graffiti on Council property, for example, bus stops, road signs you can report it by following this link>>

Please give us as much information as possible including the following: 

  • Where is the graffiti? (for example, on a house, a wall, a bridge, a bus shelter)
  • Is it near a landmark? (post office, public house, monument etc.)
  • What is it? (words or pictures)
  • Is it racist, offensive, abusive?
  • Is it on brickwork, pebbledash, roller doors, wooden panelling?
  • Is it coloured spray paint, black marker pen or another substance?
  • Did you see who did it? 

What if I see someone doing graffiti?

Don’t put yourself in danger. But if possible please make a note of:

  • The day, date and time
  • What you saw
  • How many people carried out the vandalism
  • A description of the vandals
  • What were they doing?
  • Any vehicles involved? (make, colour and registration number)

Please let us know if you’re prepared to help us to prosecute people who deface property by making a statement about the incident.

You can report Graffiti on council property by following this link>>

Listen to our audio guide on tackling graffiti in your community.