The North Bournemouth Crime Prevention Panel have been running projects in the community for over 25 years. Here our just a few of the projects – click on the project title to see more

Current Crime Prevention Projects

Neighbourhood Watch award for Coordinator of the year

Shirley Roffe being presented with the prestigious Neighbourhood Watch award for Coordinator of the year by David Sidwick, Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner on the 2nd of November 2023.

Time of your life project

University students NBCPP/NW. Each chapter they type is emailed off and edited/researched for them and sent back with suggestions and ideas and in no time with encouragement, a really good publishable book appears.  So far 12 books and booklets have been printed. (Project on hold at present until we deal with the back log).

Burglary Reduction Action Group (Brag)

NBCPP Working with NPTs, University accommodation, Landlords Association, Fire officers to raise awareness of the importance of securing your home HMO or student accommodation against burglary.

Is Your Number UP?

Partnership project with Redhill Fire Station, BCP NHS, NPTS, NBCPP, Neighbourhood Watch, Utilities, Support is widespread from all organisations that visit properties from Posties, taxi drivers and religious leaders i.e. vicars. It is a legal requirement to mark all properties including business premises with a relevant number & to renew them when they become obliterated or defaced. Emergency Services often waste valuable time searching for an address.  In the case of fire or when an ambulance is needed, it can be a matter of life or death. When a property has no number visible from the road the householder will be required to make sure it is replaced, but in the case of an older or vulnerable householder NBCPP/NWwill fit and replace it free. A supply of temporary reflective numbers are held to be given out when a property or business needs to either put a new number up or replace it.

Evaluation – Great success with thousands of household properties all over Bournemouth but still have a great deal of work to make sure the business community display street number, as often there is just a name display board. BCP Street numbering department Tel. 01202 251360

Fly tipping
tackling graffitti
Dynamic CCTV

The North Bournemouth Crime Prevention Panel (NBCPP) has secured funding to provide a mobile CCTV camera from the Office of the Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) for deployment in the North Bournemouth area to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The funded project is a twelve-month partnership initiative involving the Police, BCP Council, Local Community Representatives, the NBCPP and local business. The project seeks to identify anti-social behaviour areas and deploy a temporary CCTV camera to deter and detect offending.

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No cold calling zone in the caravan park
No cold calling zone outside of residential home
No cold calling zones In Bournemouth

NBCPP have been advising residents on what action to take if they encounter an unwanted caller, they hope to protect residents from crimes.. Packs advise residents in the zones to close the door on any uninvited callers and phone trading standards straight away. However, all residents, whether living in a No Cold Calling Zone or not, are advised to make sure that all windows and rear doors are locked before opening the front door to an uninvited caller, and to use a bar or chain on the door if there is one. Residents are also advised to ask the caller for identification and verify their identity by phoning the company they claim to work for, using a number found in a phone book or on a recent bill, as the number given on the card may be false.

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Local Neighbourhood Policing Map Bournemouth
catalytic converter thefts bournemouth
Bournemouth Virtual Neighbourhood Watch

Bournemouth Virtual Neighbourhood Watch is to provide a network opportunity to gain information, swap information and training. With 1,145 likes, you can check out the site on Facebook @bournemouthvirtualneighbourhoodwatch Community

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The crime prevention panel
Panel members
Award Winning Panel

The North Bournemouth Crime Prevention Panel (NBCPP)   was  awarded THE DORSET POLICE CRIME REDUCTION PARTNER AWARD In FEBRUARY 2020.

The DPCC presented the trophy which was received by Paul Payne (Chair), Inspector Paul Graham & Deirdre Redstone Coordinator on behalf of all the amazing members of NBCPP.

This churchyard will look beautiful when all the spring bulbs come up in
Tom Southam NBCPP for using his trailer to take all the sacks of tins and bottles cleared from the churchyard to the tip and also loads of greenery
Buried graves in a tangle of undergrowth.
Portaloo left on top of grave by 'callous pranksters' Bournemouth Echo article.
Formation of East Howe History Group – bringing the community together.
Kinson Church Gate
First Chapel 1854
Deirdre Redstone NBCPP Project Cinator
older ladies from sheltered housing flats who have kindly donated some extra edging tools
East Howe Church Yard

The Community took back control following vandalism and fly tipping:

Cllr Dennis Gritt, Alan Keeping, Ted Taylor and Deirdre Redstone went down to see the East Howe Graveyard after it was reported at a Panel meeting that a portaloo had been put in the middle of a grave! Dennis dealt with the matter and it was removed.  It was immediately obvious, as we looked around, that the churchyard was a hidden little historical gem which was being used as a haven for drinking and drugs and a dumping ground for household rubbish.

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Click on this panel to find out more about fraud and report it
Saampak - beating fraud
Scam Pak
Scam Pak
Friends Agaist Scams
Friends Against Scams

ScampaK  gives you the tools and information to fight the fraudsters at their own game.

ScampaK contains information on how to deal with current scams plus a number of crime prevention items including credit card RFID blockers, Police style notebooks and pencils, identification magnifiers to check the ID of callers at your door and for reading the small print on contracts before adding your signature, door stickers ‘WE DO NOT BUY FROM DOORSTEP SELLERS.’

 For more information or to order a ScampaK or to book the team to talk to your group:-

Contact:   NBCPP Telephone Helpline 01202 241380



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Fly tipping in kinson
Parking issues
Social media bullying
Parking issues and problems
Abandoned Vehicles
Community risks
grafiti in boscombe
Speeding vehicles
image of potential Anti Social Behaviour
My Safer Bournemouth


This site has been developed by North Bournemouth Crime Prevention Panel who are the main umbrella organization for community safety and crime prevention in the Bournemouth area and beyond. It initiates projects as well as acting as a catalyst for other agencies, including Neighbourhood Watch within the partnership of crime prevention and community safety.

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