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North Bournemouth Crime Prevention Panel

North Bournemouth Crime Prevention Panel (NBCPP) works in partnership with Dorset Police, Bournemouth Borough Council, Neighbourhood/Homewatch, the community and many other agencies to prevent crime and improves the quality of life.


The NBCPP takes action to:

  • Cut the opportunity for crime
  • Help reassure those who live in fear of crime
  • Develop closer communities
  • Design interesting and absorbing activities for young people in danger of drifting into anti-social behaviour.

The NBCPP is the main umbrella organization for community safety and crime prevention in the Bournemouth area and beyond.  It initiates projects as well as acting as a catalyst for other agencies, including Neighbourhood Watch within the partnership of crime prevention and community safety.

The NBCPP continues to grow from strength to strength having a vital part to play in developing ideas and initiatives into positive action, enhancing the quality of life for all within its area of responsibility.  Moreover many of the action plans have attracted the attention of other Panels and organizations nationally.  The Panel by its very structure is an ideal forum for exchanging views and perspectives on matters not only affecting real crime problems, but also the perceived fear of crime, which is a vitally important function. Under the umbrella of the North Bournemouth Crime Prevention Panel many inroads have been made within the community and aligned with active Neighbourhood/Home Watches.

There is a definite and valuable sense of purpose evident in all participants intent on tackling identified problems head on in a well structured and coordinated manner.  It is true that success breeds success, however NBCPP is never complacent and is always keen to promote initiatives in order to establish and maintain a safe environment.

Contact Helpline 01202 241380

The Panel also have a Virtual Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page:

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