Who can you contact to tell them about the issue?

Please contact Dorset Police on 101 or use the local Police Force website to email the local Neighbourhood Policing Team. Other options include your local council or Crimestoppers.

Before reporting you can download our “what information we need” sheet to help you collate the information needed – please follow this link>>

Dorset Police say it would be helpful if you can provide

1 – Specific location – this is key to assist officers in addressing the issue.

2 – Times and dates it is happening. Officers cannot target the problem without this.

3 – Any descriptions of persons involved or names if known. The police also need to know if children are involved or present.

4 – Any vehicles involved. If possible, the registration number of vehicle as it is possible for officers to target vehicles away from the area which then safeguards our community.

5 – Consistent responsible reporting helps in highlighting areas and offending patterns.

6 – Whether you are happy to be contacted either in person or on the telephone. Anonymous calls whilst still useful Dorset Police can limit what action officers take.

Once I have told them what happens next?

The information is submitted and assessed. Officers will be tasked to look at the problem. It may appear that officers are not taking any action but this is not the case. Officers will not necessarily be overt in dealing with the issue.  Dorset Police understand the frustration some feel if there is a perception of ‘the police are doing nothing’.  Dorset Police ask simply that you continue to pass us any information and be patient.

What can I and other members of my community do to help?

Dorset Police cannot emphasis the need for specific information. Different neighbours will see different things. Therefore, Dorset Police hope that when such a problem arises that more than one person takes the time to pick up the phone or email. It makes a real difference if Dorset Police can evidence the impact that it has had on the community.  Dorset Police are very aware that many of you fear reprisals. Dorset Police cannot act if you do not call and the problem will continue to impact on your lives if you do not act.

Create a diary of events that can be forwarded to Police highlighting points 1-5 above. This then enables officers to target the issue specifically at specific times and more importantly the right people. If you feel you can’t contact the Police then contact your housing provider, local council and or crime stoppers who can then pass the information to us.

 What happens if the problem continues?

It is not unusual that following Police action the problem re-occurs, this is normal. If this does happen, do not feel disheartened. Please let Dorset Police know straightaway and we will continue to target the problem with other options that are available to the force.

Listen to our audio guide to addressing drug issues in the community